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Group of study field: Social Sciences (1)
Field of studies: Political Sciences (1)
Study programme:

East Asia Region Studies

Institution title: Vytautas Magnus University
Summary of the programme profile:
Objective(s) of a study programme:

Master’s degree program in East Asia Region Studies is aimed at preparing qualified specialists to
work in diplomatic structures, governmental and non-governmental institutions, business
organizations, academic institutions, as well as European and East Asian diplomatic institutions that
have demand for East Asian region experts.
Learning outcomes:
1. Fluency in one of East Asian languages (Chinese, Korean or Japanese, depending on
individual choice);
2. Effective communication skills across East Asian cultures and audiences at a personal and
professional level;
3. Knowledge of contemporary tendencies in East Asian politics and economics;
4. Ability to critically analyze East Asian and international political and economical processes,
to evaluate their changes and development trends;
5. Fundamental knowledge of history, culture and religion of the countries belonging to East
Asian region;
6. Ability to apply research, communication and evaluation methods and tools in different
academic and practical activities (educational, informational, consultation etc.).
Activities of teaching and learning:
Teaching, oriented towards students; lectures, emphasising the work of teacher; self-dependent research activities; discussions, based on insights, etc.
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
Verbal and oral exams; case studies; presentations;
self evaluation and evaluation of colleagues; essay.

Optional courses:
Distinctive features of a study programme:
Taught in English.
Duration in credits, form and duration: 120
Full-time - 2 (metais)
Field of education: Social and behavioural sciences
Sub-sector of education: Political sciences and civics
Study programme national code: 6211JX054
(8 5) 235 61 32