​The aim of AIKOS – to help the citizens of Lithuania to choose a marketable profession, which can be obtained for the first time or through re-training at Lithuanian or European higher and vocational schools, by accumulating, processing, and presenting easily accessible information to a wide range of users. AIKOS is an open vocational information, counselling, and guidance system providing a wide range of users with information based on public, departmental, and other databases and registers. The structure of AIKOS is formed from the point of view of thematic and territorial aspects. AIKOS includes:

 1.    From the point of view of legal entities and private persons participating in the information process:

1.1.   Ministries and departments;

1.2.   Institutions and legal entities acting under the authority of ministries;

1.3.   Private persons – users of AIKOS data.

2.      From the point of view of information:

2.1.   Registers and databases of the educational system of Lithuania;

2.2.   Fragments of the databases of Lithuanian labour information systems;

2.3.   Statistical data;

2.4.   Data of the Register of Legal Entities.

AIKOS central database is stored at the central service station in the Centre of Information Technologies of Education, and data are provided from AIKOS www database.


Main aims of AIKOS:

- To provide qualitative information on the possibilities of distant learning;

- To inform and consult a wide range of users irrespective of their age helping to chose their own path in the sphere of education, training, and occupation and building their professional career;

- To provide internet services to the users of data obtained from the databases used by AIKOS.