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"Susitarimai dėl mokymosi: pasidalyta atsakomybė už mokymosi sėkmę"

Programme code


Title in Lithuanian

"Susitarimai dėl mokymosi: pasidalyta atsakomybė už mokymosi sėkmę"

Type by age of programme

Non-formal education programs for Adults

Type by field of programme

Professional skills improvement program

Type by profession of programme

Non-formal education qualifications programs for Teacher

Target group

Subject teachers

Duration of contact education


Duration of self-education


Programme registration date


Programme provider

Adult Education center of Kelmė District

Programme provider‘s address

Vytauto Didžiojo g. 110, Kelmė

Programme provider‘s municipality

Kelmės r. sav.

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Event address:

Vytauto Didžiojo g. 110, 86140, Kelmė

Start of event: 1/3/2019 12:00 AM
End of event: 12/31/2019 12:00 AM