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Art Management

Language of instruction

english, lithuanian

Qualification degree and (or) qualification to be awarded

Bachelor of Business Management

Place of delivery

Vilnius, Gedimino pr. 42

Institution that has carried out assessment

No data

Institution that has performed accreditation, accreditation term

Studijų kokybės vertinimo centras, 7/31/2022

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Summary of the Profile

General Description:
Objective(s) of a study programme:
The objective of the first cycle study program Art Management is to prepare highly qualified art managers (performing arts and audiovisual art) able to identify perspectives for art production development, initiate and implement art management projects, to run creative business, promote communication between art, business and the society, organize culture and creative industries‘ activities, applying management and art knowledge.
Learning outcomes:
After completing this study programme, the graduates:
● Will be able independently organize the dissemination of artistic production in the national and international markets, perform audience development activities, taking into account the needs of different audiences and target groups;
● Will be able to form teams and work in teams with specialists from different fields, manage conflicts implementing art projects;
● Will be able independently analyze and interpret the research results, apllying modern data analysis tools;
● Will be able to analyze and evaluate cultural and creative industries’ trends in Lithuania and in the global context, applying holistic, systematic, innovative and global approaches to take organization’s strategic management decisions;
● Will understand principles of project management, entrepreneurship, ethics and social responsibility and be able integrate and apply them in different phases and contexts of creative business and art projects;
● Will be able to plan, organize, execute and evaluate art (music / theater, audiovisual art) projects implementing creative innovations, innovative stage and audiovisual technology solutions;
● Will understand, be able integrate and apply fundamental organization management theories, concepts, methods, human and other resources management principles.
Activities of teaching and learning:
Problem-based teaching, interactive lecture, demonstration, group work, interactive discussions, case study, situation modelling, self-reflection, simulation, research methods (search for information, empirical analysis, preparation of presentation and delivering it), seminars, self-studies.
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
Project presentation, analysis in writing, individual assignment, group assignment, mid-term evaluation, case study presentation, cumulative mark evaluation method. The study programme ends with a bachelor’s thesis public defence.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Scope of the study field subjects – 120 credits;
Practice – 15 credits;
Scope of the final project – 21 credit.
Performing Arts Management, Film and Media Production
Optional courses:
Students choose one of the specializations in the second year of studies (the scope of each specialization is 60 credits). Elective courses make in total 9 credits.
Distinctive features of a study programme:
The first cycle Art Management study programme differs from other similar study programmes in different ways: study subjects (the main study field - Management studies are complemented with subjects from other fields - music, theatre, film), structure, professional competencies. Students of this programme will have an option to choose one of offered specializations - Performing arts management or Audiovisual art management, deepen knowledge and develop skills in the selected field.
Access to professional activity or further study:
Access to professional activity:
After completing the first cycle study programme Art Management graduates will be ready to pursue art project development, implementation, and dissemination activities in cultural and creative industries, state funded and private culture and art organizations, develop culture and creative industries venture and manage them, pursue activities as self-employed persons in the fields of audiovisual and performing art development and artist management.
Access to further study:
After completing the first cycle study programme Art Management and being awarded Bachelor of Business Administration qualification the graduates will have a right to apply for second cycle Business and Public Management study programmes and etc. if it is set out in the entrance requirements of the selected study programme.