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Business Finance

Language of instruction

english, lithuanian

Qualification degree and (or) qualification to be awarded

Bachelor of Business Management

Place of delivery

Vilnius, Universiteto g. 3

Institution that has carried out assessment

Studijų kokybės vertinimo centras

Institution that has performed accreditation, accreditation term

Studijų kokybės vertinimo centras, 7/1/2020

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Order on accreditation

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Summary of the Profile

Objective(s) of a study programme:
Prepare highly skilled business finance professionals, able to compete in the global business environment, proficient in the application of multi-disciplinary and integrated management skills in the development process of appropriate funding models for the business of varied activities.
Learning outcomes:
Have the skill to assess the financial situation and performance results of a business enterprise and identify the causes of changes;
Be able to make decisions on the issues related to the performance nature and the type modification and comprehend the degree of responsibility for taken decisions;
Be capable of making plans for business performance enhancement ensuring appropriate financing for the implementation of foreseen goals;
Possess the skill to independently analyse the environment within the company and that of business in general.
Activities of teaching and learning:
The study programme focuses on problem-based teaching and learning methods by applying the analysis of practical examples, the independent individual and group tasks, discussions, simulations (role plays, action analysis within simulated situations). The problem-based teaching and learning methods contribute to the development of knowledge and skills through students’ participation, teamwork, information gathering, analysis, required for solving the problems, setting the goals and planning, organising, evaluating the activities. The study programme applies these methods: information search, literature reading, preparation and delivery of presentations (speaking, communication simulations).
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
The assessment of developed students' knowledge and skills will be based on written and oral examinations, professional practice, case analysis, written works, presentations, project work. The assessment will be based on the student's knowledge and skills in the following areas: identification of problems, collection and interpretation of relevant information, proposal for problem solutions. The students will be assessed continuously during the lectures and seminars by considering the active participation in discussions and creativity.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Business English, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Marketing, Strategic Management, Finance Theory, Accaunting Theory, International Finance and Crisis, Public Finance, Risk Management, Money and Credit, Finance Engineering, Taxes, Intership, Final Theses.
Optional courses:
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Negotiations, Organisational Communication
Distinctive features of a study programme:
The Business Finance Programme run at the IBS at VU is orientated towards the business sphere. It develops aggregated and complex knowledge and skills of business finances indispensible for the enhancement and application of business finance competencies. It is noteworthy that the Business Finance Programme aims at integrated business competences, i. e. the proficiency in business finances is matched to managerial and innovative skills.