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Business Management and Marketing

Language of instruction

english, lithuanian

Qualification degree and (or) qualification to be awarded

Bachelor of Business Management

Place of delivery

Vilnius, Aušros Vartų g. 7A
Vilnius, Aušros Vartų g. 7A

Institution that has carried out assessment

No data

Institution that has performed accreditation, accreditation term

Studijų kokybės vertinimo centras, 8/31/2020

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Summary of the Profile

General Description:
Objective(s) of a study programme:
The main aim of this programme is to prepare management specialists with deep marketing knowledge and practical skills necessary to launch and run entrepreneurial businesses. The programme also focuses on educating individuals in the skills and knowledge needed in the 21st century to run globally successful and sustainable business, both in the commercial and non-profit sectors.

Learning outcomes:
Throughout the Business Management and Marketing programme students acquire knowledge and practical skills in human resource management, finance and operations management, but the key focus in this programme is drawn to the marketing function.
After graduating from this programme students are able to outline the influence of internal and external environment on a business organization, they demonstrate an integrated knowledge of marketing, human resource management, financial management and process management, and apply this knowledge in business and marketing practice.
Activities of teaching and learning:
Lectures, seminars, independent studies, internship.
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
Final exams, mid-term exams, projects, projects’ presentations, test, case studies, bachelor theses.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Courses in Management and Marketing: Principles of Economics, Business and Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Customer Relationship Management, Neuromarketing, Corporate Governance and Business Law, Strategic Management, Principles of Finance, Financial Accounting, Marketing Principles, Global Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce, Organisational Behaviour, Business Ethics and Sustainability, International Business.

Fundamental and IT courses: Quantitative Decision Making, Mathematical Analysis,

Courses to develop research skills: Academic Writing and Presentation skills,
Logical Argumentation, Business Research Methods, Statistical Data Analysis.

Elective courses, Internship and Bachelor thesis.

Optional courses:
Students are able to choose 7 elective courses (42 ECTS) from areas below: Economics, Finance, Communication, Management, Marketing, Business, Politics, Psychology.
Distinctive features of a study programme:
Students of Business Management and Marketing programme can participate in exchange programmes and they have an ability to choose from 51 partner university in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. While studying in International Business and Communication programme, students can go to four universities with double degree programme: BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), INSEEC Bordeaux (France), Linnaeus University (Sweden), KEDGE Business School (France) or other university abroad. As a part of the programme, students are allowed to conduct an international internship abroad.
Access to professional activity or further study:
Access to professional activity:
After graduating from this programme students have knowledge and practical skills to develop successful careers as specialists, project managers, business consultants in the above-mentioned fields, they are also prepared to work in marketing and communications agencies or manage marketing projects in various national and international corporations.
Access to further study:
Students will be able to continue their studies in Master programmes.