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Business and Entrepreneurship

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Bachelor of Business Management

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Kaunas, K. Donelaičio g. 73
Nemuno g. 33, 37164, Panevėžys

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Studijų kokybės vertinimo centras

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Studijų kokybės vertinimo centras, 8/31/2020

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Summary of the Profile

General Description:
Objective(s) of a study programme:
To provide the latest knowledge, relevant to business creation, management and development, to develop the ability to apply it creatively in making business strategy, sales and / or export management decisions in a constantly changing environment and to communicate effectively in a team, professional environment and outside its limits.
Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and its Application:
A1 knows different theories, concepts, models of management and economics and applies the acquired knowledge to business creation, development, and process management;
A2 knows and applies knowledge of mathematics, statistics, the latest information technologies, and business law to prepare and make business decisions;
A3 knows and applies general knowledge of philosophy, psychology, and humanities in professional and non-professional activities, in teamwork and self-development process;
A4 knows the theoretical aspects of international level business strategy as well as export and sales management and development, understands the principles and importance of sustainable development in business, is able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice;
A5 For specialization Export Management: knows export methods, strategies, and export-related risks;
A6 For specialization Export Management: knows the main theories required for the international development of the company, innovative methods of international business management, knows the functions of an export specialist;
A7 For specialization Business Strategy and Sales: has detailed theoretical knowledge on a professional sales process and its interaction with other business processes, knows the functions of a sales specialist.
Research Skills:
B1 is able to develop research methods of the company and its external environment, business processes, economic and social phenomena, based on the knowledge of management sciences;
B2 is able to perform targeted information retrieval, systematization, data processing, and analysis using integrated latest IT software packages and search engines, to prepare reports, required for different business stages, and to present them visually;
B3 is able to prepare a research design for a specific organization or a business object and, after searching for the necessary information for a certain market in various sources, analyze it, submit a report and properly present recommendations;
B4 For specialization Export Management: is able to evaluate the possibilities of organization's development into new foreign markets, to see problematic areas of activity and to choose solutions;
B5 For specialization Business Strategy and Sales: is able to perform strategic sales and purchasing volume planning, selection of sales and purchasing strategies, sales process risk management, using professional sales and purchasing management methods and technologies.
Subject–Specific Skills:
C1 is able to systematically analyze and evaluate the causes of company networks, external business environment, business processes, economic and social phenomena, their changes and possible consequences in the short- and long- term business development perspective;
C2 is able to generate, organize, and coordinate the implementation of innovative business ideas and / or business processes in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility;
C3 is able to envision and solve structured challenges and problems of the organization, to prepare and make effective decisions accordingly, following an innovative and global approach;
C4 is able to improve the skills of leadership, entrepreneurship, and the growth of his / her professional activity, reflecting the acquired knowledge, rethinking his / her value principles and relying on the critical evaluation of the accumulated experience;
C5 is able to identify different organizational forms of international business, analyze and evaluate the opportunities within international markets and anticipate further business development trends, assessing the cultural differences of markets and the peculiarities of international financial settlements, innovation development, ICT and artificial intelligence opportunities assessment;
C6 For specialization Export Management: is able to plan, organize, and evaluate activities, relevant to the export specialist, independently choosing complex measures for the performance of export functions in the organization, combining them with other functional areas of the organization;
C7 For specialization Export Management: is able to identify the international market development opportunities of the sector or an organization, to see the challenges of export, international logistics and related areas in organizations in national and global contexts;
C8 For specialization Business Strategy and Sales: is able to identify the target market segments and the required professional sales channels, based on the goals set by the organization;
C9 For specialization Business Strategy and Sales: is able to choose sales or purchase methods and tools, taking into account the specifics of a particular business, manage the necessary processes and assess potential risks.
Social Skills:
D1 is able to communicate at a professional level during meetings, live and virtual events, to create and develop contacts and professional networks;
D2 is able to communicate effectively, work proactively, and present results in real and virtual teams, act tolerantly and ethically in a multicultural environment;
D3 is able to quickly search for data and necessary keywords, perform information systematization using the latest information technologies and / or business management programs;
D4 is able to take responsibility feeling motivated and respond appropriately to the emerging challenges, solve operational problems, make creative decisions, and develop innovative activities.
Personal Skills:
E1 is able to constantly reflect on his / her activities and purposefully plan personal and professional development in different multicultural environments;
E2 is able to plan his / her activities, taking responsibility for setting organizational and personal goals and acting responsibly in accordance with universally recognized values;
E3 is able to think creatively, systematically, and self-critically, to undertake initiative and entrepreneurial activity;
E4 is able to react responsibly and flexibly to changing changes in the international external environment, and to provide feedback.

Activities of teaching and learning:
The learning material of all the modules is absorbed when working both in the classrooms and having individual work. Classroom activities include lectures and workshops. Individual work covers: mastering theoretical material, preparing for the lectures, workshops, midterm and final exams, preparing individual semester assignments, homework, projects and other activities.
The student is awarded with Bachelor degree after successfully preparing and defending the Final Project.
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
The acquired knowledge, abilities and skills are evaluated and recorded into the database two-four times during the semester.
Individual work task may take the following variations (in ten-grade scale): project, report of the workshops, task for solving problems, blog, oral presentation, etc.
The final exam takes place during the session. It is evaluated in ten-grade scale and is taken in written or oral forms.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Mathematics 1, Informatics 1, Micro- and Macro- Economics, Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Economic Statistics, Fundamentals of Enterprises, Accounting and Financial Management, Social Research Methods, Human Resources Management, Business Ethics, Fundamentals of Marketing, Innovation Management, Business Law, International Business, Creative Decision Making, Sales Management, Leadership Fundamentals, Negotiation, Business Development Strategy Project, Internship, Final Degree Project.
Business Strategy and Sales: Business Simulations, Service-based Selling, Purchasing Management, Semester Project of Business Strategy and Sales.
Export Management: International Market Analysis, International Logistics, Export Operations Management, Semester Project of Export Management.
Optional courses:
Sustainable Development, Media Philosophy, Academic and Technical Communication in English (level C1 ), French Language (level C1), Russian Language (level C1), German language (level C1).
Distinctive features of a study programme:
A graduate has the knowledge of management, marketing, economics, accounting and finance, entrepreneurship, innovation, business law, and other disciplines, required for business development; he/she understands the concepts, principles, and methods of business creation, strategic management, export, competitiveness, and innovation, and is also aware of the importance of business accountability to society. He/she possesses the ability to analyze national and international business environments, systematically evaluate company activities and processes, proactively plan and execute business processes, motivate team members, find non-traditional business competitiveness solutions; he/she is ready to work in teams and professional networks, constantly reflect and update the acquired knowledge.
Access to professional activity or further study:
Access to professional activity:
The graduate is ready to establish and successfully develop his / her business in local and / or international markets, can work in business development, export development, or sales departments, as well as in non-profit organizations and other institutions.
Access to further study:
He/she has access to the second cycle studies.