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Master of Architecture

Title in Lithuanian

Architektūros magistras

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Lithuanian national qualifications framework level

Level 7

European qualifications framework level

Level 7

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Access to professional activity: Level 7 qualification is one of the major provisions for the acquisition of an architect’s certificate and successful architect’s career. Upon completion of the master study programme of architecture, the graduates will have the following career possibilities: To work in design companies as architects and supervisors of the design part of a project or establish such design offices themselves, create work places, and lead a team. Possible activity spheres include urban design and design of buildings and their interior spaces. The acquired education does not hinder the graduates from working in other related spheres like advertising and design or deepen one’s knowledge in architecture and teach at a higher education institution; The graduates can independently participate in national and international architectural competitions. Access to further study: Level 7 qualifications also provide a possibility to continue the higher education in level 8 doctoral studies in Lithuania and abroad.