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Landscaping and groundskeeping worker

Title in Lithuanian

Aplinkotvarkininkas, LTKS III

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Lithuanian national qualifications framework level

Level 3

European qualifications framework level

Level 3

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Object of activities: landscaping of the building.
Typical work tools: personal protective equipment, mini tractor, hand-operated earthmoving, leveling, compaction, loosening tools, material handling tools and equipment, measuring instruments, soil loosening, rolling tools and equipment, concrete, mortar mixing, spreading, leveling tools and equipment, wood manual processing tools, masonry tools and equipment, etc.
Typical working conditions: working outdoors, with heavy earthmoving machinery, the working environment can be dirty, depending on weather conditions.
Additional information: in its activities, the landscaping and groundskeeping worker follows the principles of occupational safety and health, ergonomics, occupational hygiene, fire safety, environmental protection, and sustainable construction. The landscaping and groundskeeping worker works in a group. The following personal qualities are important to him: diligence, responsibility, physical endurance. The landscaping and groundskeeping worker is able to plan his activities according to the given tasks with the help of a highly qualified employee, adapts to a variety of activities, materials and tools, performs various operational actions and operations, applying known and tested solutions, using drawings, specifications and verbal information. After obtaining this qualification, individuals will be able to work in construction and environmental management companies.
Competences of qualification:
1. Store materials, products and equipment for building environmental management.
2. Prepare and arrange environment worker’s workplace.
3. Read the project of building site environment work.
4. Level the ground.
5. Install irrigation, drainage and water collection systems.
6. Install paths, footpaths.
7. Prepare soil for lawn sowing.
8. Install and maintain lawn.
9. Install retaining walls and barriers.
10. Install outdoor staircase.
11. Install decorative ponds.
12. Install swimming pools.