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Rural recreation (countryside tourism) organiser training programme

Qualification to be awarded

Rural recreation (countryside tourism) organiser

Required minimum level of education


Profession training standard

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Profession training standard national code

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Certificates issued

Rural recreation (countryside tourism) organiser
Vocational education and training diploma, 4101
Qualified worker's Diploma, 4102

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Summary of the Profile

During theoretical training, future rural recreation organisers are taught the fundamentals of rural recreation (countryside tourism); legal, hygienic, psychological and organisational requirements; preparation of a farmstead according to specified requirements; and how to calculate the price for the services provided, handle business correspondence and accounting, and provide recreational services. The theoretical training is illustrated by the example of the farmstead where the training is conducted.

Practical training is conducted at farmsteads. The duration of the practical training is 2 weeks. During the training, trainees learn about the structure and principles of selecting recreational services, special rural recreational services, the equipment used to furnish a farmstead and premises, the requirements for accommodation, catering and recreational services, methodology for determining investment needs, and procedures for receiving loans and financial support from the state. During practical situations, trainees learn how to deal with customers, to prepare and present commercial offers, to book rooms, and to solve conflicts.

The training programme for organisers of rural recreation is designed for people who have reached 18 years of age.